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Irrigation Installations

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Irrigation Spring Startup

Irrigation, even in the Evergreen State of Washington, is always a consideration in both landscape design and installation. Based on the sire and the goals, as well as the choice of plantings, we will consider sprinkler systems or drip, low flow or regular flow, automated systems which can change for the seasons, or areas which can remain natural, even in our summer heat.

SERVICES_BACK_IrrigationSpringStartup.jpgThe irrigation spring startup process is a crucial service provided by Bear Creek Landscaping to prepare your sprinkler systems for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. This process ensures that the system is in optimal condition and ready to deliver efficient and effective irrigation to your landscape.

System Inspection

Professional irrigation technicians will begin by conducting a thorough inspection of the entire sprinkler system. This includes checking the main control panel, valves, sprinkler heads, pipes, and fittings for any signs of damage or wear. They will look for leaks, broken components, clogged nozzles, or other issues that may affect the system's performance.

Reconnecting Water Supply

If the water supply to the sprinkler system was turned off during the winter, the technician will reconnect it, ensuring that the water flow is restored to the system. They will also check the main shut-off valve to ensure it is functioning correctly.

Activating Control Panel

The technician will power on the irrigation control panel and ensure that it is functioning properly. They will verify that all programming settings are correct and adjust as necessary. This may include updating watering schedules, run times, and zone configurations based on your specific landscape needs.

Testing and Adjusting Sprinkler Heads

Each individual sprinkler head will be tested to ensure proper operation and coverage. The technician will adjust the spray patterns, check for proper rotation (for rotating heads), and inspect for any blockages or malfunctions. They will clean or replace clogged or damaged nozzles to ensure even water distribution.

Checking Valve Functionality

Valves are essential components of the irrigation system, controlling the flow of water to different zones. The technician will inspect and test each valve to ensure proper functioning, opening and closing as intended. They will repair or replace any faulty valves to prevent leaks or inconsistent water flow.

Adjusting Irrigation Schedule

The technician will review the irrigation schedule programmed into the control panel and make necessary adjustments based on seasonal needs, local watering restrictions, and your specific landscape requirements. This may involve modifying run times, frequency, and specific watering days to ensure optimal water efficiency and plant health.

Checking Rain Sensor

If your sprinkler system is equipped with a rain sensor, the technician will verify its proper functioning. They will conduct a manual test or simulate rainfall to ensure that the rain sensor interrupts the irrigation schedule when adequate rainfall occurs. This helps prevent overwatering and conserves water during rainy periods.

System Documentation

As part of the spring startup process, professional irrigation companies often provide documentation detailing the system's current condition, any repairs or adjustments made, and recommended maintenance practices for the season. This serves as a reference for future maintenance and helps you keep track of the system's performance.

By following these steps, Bear Creek Landscaping ensures that your sprinkler system is fully operational, efficient, and ready to deliver optimal irrigation for a healthy and vibrant landscape throughout the spring and summer seasons. Call us today - to schedule a spring startup service with a professional irrigation company to ensure that your system is properly prepared and to address any potential issues before they escalate.


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