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Bear Creek Landscaping and Construction Services

We Specialize in Renovation
We Transform Hills and Slopes into Beautiful Backdrops

Living in King County means living with hills and unique challenges. Our Renovation team can install retaining walls, grading, lawn renovations, structural pruning, irrigation, and seasonal cleanups.

SERVICES_BACK_LandscapeRenovation.jpgEveryone in our part of the world (and especially the Northwest) lives with some kind of slope. We level things out so we have some usable space where perhaps space is a premium. How we hold back the soil varies as much as the type of materials that can be used for each project.

Most of the time, style and price will dictate what materials to choose, however in our region, rock and concrete are generally the preferred choices. They are abundant and move economical than typically cast in place concrete. Generally what to use is in the same context of the overall site and overall purpose.

Sometimes your home or business need a simple landscaping facelift to restore their existing charm. Damage from inclement weather or overgrowth can make once-beautiful landscaping look messy and neglected. With a landscape renovation from Bear Creek Landscaping, you can transform your yard without having to start from scratch. We’ll add, remove, prune and reorganize until your yard looks fresh and tidy.

Overgrown trees and plant beds can make elegant home landscaping look cluttered and unsightly. Maintaining spacing between plants makes your gardens look cleaner and bigger. Plants grow quickly and need to be trimmed back, pruned, and re-shaped over time to maintain proper spacing. Sometimes shrubs that have outgrown their location can be moved to other spots on the property.

Nothing makes a fresh coat of paint on the outside of your house pop like a freshly turned bed of mulch. Any time you’re making updates to your house, coordinate them with landscape renovation to balance out your home and garden. Landscaping also helps to ensure that your new home addition or renovation matches your existing construction from the outside.

Whether a few damaged shrubs need to be matched and replaced or your garden needs a full renovation, we deliver a fresh new look and feel to the outside of your home. Bear Creek Landscaping can revitalize your property without disrupting your existing landscape. Ready for landscaping design from our experienced team?

No Size Too Large, No Size Too Small.

Landscaping renovation is the process of revitalizing an existing outdoor living space to improve its appearance, functionality, and value. Structural pruning, grading, and seasonal cleanups are essential components of landscaping renovation that help to maintain and enhance the health and beauty of the landscape.

  • Structural pruning involves selectively removing branches and foliage from trees and shrubs to improve their health, appearance, and growth habits. This process can help to increase the amount of sunlight and air circulation, reduce the risk of disease and pests, and promote healthy growth.
  • Grading is the process of leveling the ground to create a smooth and even surface that is conducive to healthy plant growth and proper drainage. Proper grading can help prevent water runoff and erosion and ensure that water is distributed evenly throughout the landscape.
  • Seasonal cleanups involve removing leaves, debris, and other organic matter that can accumulate in the landscape over time. This process helps to improve the appearance of the landscape, prevent the buildup of mold and mildew, and promote healthy plant growth. Our professional landscaping team specializes in landscaping renovation and can provide expert services to help revitalize your outdoor living space.

Whether you need structural pruning, grading, seasonal cleanups, or other services, we can help you create a beautiful and functional landscape that you can enjoy for years to come.

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Bear Creek Landscaping LLC is an Eastside landscape company offering terrific landscaping within your budget. We routinely have jobs in Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Sammamish, Issaquah, Seattle, and as far away as the mountains and islands around the beautiful Puget Sound.