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Irrigation Installations

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Bear Creek Landscaping and Construction Services

Water Saving

SERVICES_BACK_IrrigationWaterSavings.jpgAre you tired of paying a small mortgage payment on your water bill? Bear Creek Landscaping’s irrigation department is featuring water saving and green options to save you big bucks and your lawns! Reduce Your Water Bill Up to 60%…Guaranteed!

Detect Leaks and Breaks Before Plant Loss or Property Damage! More Efficient Irrigation Control for a Healthier Landscape…Less Pests and Diseases! Continuous System Monitoring and Seasonal Adjustments by a Certified Irrigation Technician.

  • Experience professional programming with key features like Predictive Watering™, which optimizes irrigation and saves water by automatically adjusting smart (ET) time-based watering schedules based on environmental factors.
  • Ability to adjust zones with triggers that offer your clients a fine-tuned watering schedule based on their specific microclimate.
  • Monitor the state of the piping system with an optional flow meter. Receive instant alerts on your phone in case of a broken pipe. Troubleshooting is made easy, for both you and your clients, which allows for rapid problem-solving and helps prevent property damage.
  • Instantly detect faulty wiring. Select a Hunter Hydrawise controller that constantly monitors the electrical current flowing to your solenoid valves. If the current is too high or too low, Hydrawise will alert you and communicate which valve is not working properly. This feature will give you instant notification before any plants suffer.
  • Get notified when your customer’s controllers are not connected to the internet.

Needlessly wasting water negatively affects your community’s water supply and also results in overflowing sewers and high water bills. To combat this, Bear Creek Landscaping combines the latest technology with time-tested designs to create exceptionally eco-friendly sprinkler systems. Many of our clients experience such a reduction in water usage that our upgraded services pay for themselves in just a few years.

A proper irrigation system is one of the best ways to maintain a lush, healthy lawn and conserve water in the process. With Bear Creek Landscaping, you can have the best of both worlds.

Irrigation lawn systems play a crucial role in water conservation by delivering water efficiently and effectively to the landscape. There are several ways in which irrigation lawn systems contribute to water savings:

Precise Water Delivery

Modern irrigation systems, such as drip irrigation or precision spray nozzles, provide precise water delivery directly to the root zone of plants. This targeted approach reduces water waste by minimizing evaporation, runoff, and overspray. Water is delivered where it is needed the most, ensuring optimal plant hydration without excess water loss.

Zone-Specific Programming

Irrigation systems can be divided into zones based on the specific water needs of different plant types or areas within the landscape. By programming each zone separately, water can be tailored to the specific requirements of plants, taking into account factors such as sun exposure, soil type, and plant maturity. This prevents overwatering and underwatering, promoting healthy plant growth while reducing water waste.

Smart Irrigation Technology

Advances in technology have led to the development of smart irrigation systems that utilize sensors, weather data, and internet connectivity to optimize watering schedules. These systems can automatically adjust watering times and durations based on real-time weather information and soil moisture levels. By constantly monitoring and adapting to changing conditions, water waste is minimized, and plants receive the appropriate amount of water.

By incorporating these water-saving practices into irrigation lawn systems, significant amounts of water can be conserved. Water-efficient irrigation not only helps to preserve this valuable resource but also reduces water costs and promotes a sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to landscaping.

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