It can be a lot of fun to take care of your lawn throughout the spring and summer. This effort can also end up being an extensive time commitment.

Trying to carve out an hour or two for lawn care each week isn’t always easy. What happens if it ends up raining on the one day you can mow?

It doesn’t take long for your grass to get thick and tall, requiring you to spend even more time mowing it!

When you’re ready to start thinking about handing this task over to local lawn care companies, it’s crucial to review what services you’ll receive for this investment.

What Should I Expect with Today’s Lawn Care Prices?

When you look at today’s best lawn care services, you’ll find that several services might come with the company’s standard package.

You can also find lawn care and landscaping offered as individual services, which can add up quickly if you need aeration, thatching, weeding, and other needs handled at home.

These standard services aren’t offered by every business, but you can review the lawn care cost before signing a contract to ensure you’re getting a great deal.

1. Lawn Edging Services

Lawn edging helps your property to have more of a sculpted look. You can have more dimensions added to your walkways and flower beds by performing this one simple service. It has a practical benefit in that you’ll stop the spread of grass into unwanted areas by breaking apart the roots.

2. Weed Trimming Services

Although a lawn mower can get around most of a property successfully, several spots around trees, fences, and close edges get missed because the equipment can’t reach those areas. That’s why weed trimming services are part of most standard packages. Since rocks and other debris can start flying quickly, you’ll want to verify the company’s insurance and claims policy before agreeing to services.

3. Blowing Services

Even if you bag the lawn clippings, some strays can end up being on sidewalks, paths, and driveways. You’ll also see trees and shrubs dropping their leaves regularly. Instead of allowing these items to accumulate unattended, your lawn service provider will collect and remove the debris by using a blower.

When you’re looking for lawn care tips to save money, you might consider excluding this service if it’s an added cost. It doesn’t take long to gather yard debris and dispose of it in the appropriate pick-up container.

4. Pool Skimming

If you have a swimming pool on your property, you’ll want to consider this task as part of the standard lawn care services package. Mowers can spray yard debris surprisingly far, even if the workers are using a mulching mode with the equipment. It can get particularly burdensome in the fall months when the leaves come down.

When a lawn service company isn’t equipped to provide this service, they might decline to work on your property to avoid any problems. Although it can be frustrating to encounter that issue, it’s better than getting your filters clogged because a mess got made, and they left without doing anything about it.

5. Soil and Grass Health Services

Fertilizing and seeding can get expensive in some areas, but it also leads to a greener, thicker lawn. Most service providers recommend providing at least three cycles per year, and some might suggest up to six. It often depends on your climate, current soil conditions, and what you expect for an outcome.

When you start looking at lawn care and landscaping for the season, you might get presented with three fertilization options. There are organic and synthetic choices for your property, with the latter offering a fast or slow release.

If you need rapid greening for sod with a robust root system, a fast-release fertilizer works well. When you need a better foundation, a slower option is the best choice.

6. Aeration Services

The average lawn can benefit from core aeration services about once every three years. This process involves having metal tubes about a half-inch in diameter rolled over the grass. It removes soil and turf plugs, allowing the holes to admit organic matter, fertilizer, air, and water to the root system. It could be included or offered as an add-on.

Your final lawn care cost can change each year based on the evolving needs of your landscaping. That’s why it is essential to work with experienced professionals when you need help with your property’s appearance. Contact our team today to start that conversation so that you can enjoy every inch of your home, inside and out.

If you have any questions related to our residential or commercial landscaping needs, give our team a call today at 425-549-5147! We can provide you with a quote to let you know how affordable this improvement can be. Also, visit us at www.bearcreeklandscaping.com and stay connected with us by following our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/bclandscaping1.

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