Residential and Commercial Lawn Care and Landscaping Services

You’ll find plenty of perks when choosing Redmond for your home or business. We have the state’s only velodrome, Microsoft’s headquarters, and our community is where Nintendo of America bases its operations.

When you see our sight coming into town, you can tell that we’re proud to be the Bicycle Capital of the Northwest.

We’re also proud of how stunning the homes and businesses in our community look each day. With the emphasis on residential and commercial landscaping services in Redmond, you’ll find that this investment for your property makes a lot of sense.

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    Why Choose Residential Landscaping Services in Redmond?

    Did you know that it takes the average homeowner about 30 minutes to mow their grass? That’s assuming you have about 10,000 square feet of standard turfgrass on your Redmond property.

    When you consider the year-round mowing responsibilities that happen in Redmond, your DIY residential landscaping services take up about 15 hours of your time with grass cutting alone.

    If you have a bigger property, that time investment could be doubled, tripled, or more.

    Do you have flower beds, trees, shrubs, and a garden to care for at home? Your landscaping maintenance services in Redmond could rise to 5 hours per week.

    What could you do with your time if you delegated those responsibilities to a trusted lawn and landscaping services provider in Kirkland?

    When you choose our team to take care of your property, you’ll discover that this one investment can provide several benefits.

    • Enhanced Curb Appeal. When your landscaping looks fantastic, you’ll look forward to coming home each day. You’ll feel at peace instantly as you pull into your driveway or walk up to your front door.
    • Improved Value. If you maintain your landscaping appearance or invest in high-quality additions, the overall property values can rise between 5% to 20% in Redmond. That means you can recoup most, if not all, of this investment.
    • Lifestyle Benefits. You can spend time with your family, pursue a hobby, or get more work done around the house when you delegate your residential landscaping services needs to our team.

    Lawn and landscaping services provide a practical way to save time while enhancing your home’s overall appeal. Our team works with you to design a layout, discuss maintenance needs, or take over your mowing responsibilities so that you can take advantage of every potential benefit.

    If you’re ready to solve the “how to find landscaping services near me” problem for your home, contact us today for a no-obligation quote or to ask any questions you might have.

    Why Choose Commercial Landscaping Services in Redmond?

    Commercial landscaping services deliver enhanced value, increased comfort, and more security to businesses in Redmond.

    When customers want to visit your business, they’re more inclined to purchase something and spend more. If you’re a commercial building owner, professional landscaping services can increase what you charge in your leasing agreements because the natural elements add more value to the experience.

    Here are some other advantages to expect when you hire professional local landscaping services to take care of your business.

    • Attract Attention. Commercial landscaping services can prove that you’re a proactive, environmentally conscious company that appreciates aesthetics. These traits become a positive reflection of your goods or services.
    • Lower Overhead. With an appropriate lawn care and maintenance services plan, you can reduce the micro-climate around your commercial building by up to 25°F. That’s enough to drop your heating and cooling bills significantly.
    • Property Stability. Our team can design a commercial landscaping plan that reduces soil erosion, increases rain retention, or meets whatever other specific needs are necessary for your property.

    Green spaces promote relaxation, stress reduction, and increased productivity in the same investment. With all of those potential advantages to consider, now is the perfect time to review your landscaping plan!

    How Can We Serve Your Landscaping Needs Today?

    When you live in Redmond, you know you’ve found a place to call home. If you operate a business in our community, you’re a bigger part of the overall family.

    Our team can help your property show off its best assets. Whether you want to increase its curb appeal, boost a selling price, or encourage more customers to visit, we can help you accomplish your goals for a fair and affordable price.

    With our climate, residential and commercial landscaping services can be a year-round need. If you’re ready to maximize your property’s full potential, let us know so that we can build lucrative opportunities from the ground up on your behalf.

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