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Water Features and Fountains

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Bear Creek Landscaping and Construction Services

Water Fountains

We Specialize in Water Fountain Features

Fountains are an attractive and pleasant sounding piece. We have access to a variety and styles that range from cored out granite, art pieces or even boulders. Our specialty is tying in the total design of your water features and soft scapes.

SERVICES_BACK_WaterFountains.jpgAdding a water fountain to your home landscaping can be a relatively straightforward and rewarding project. There are several reasons why to hire a professional landscaping company like Bear Creek Landscaping, when adding a water fountain to your landscape.

We can help you choosing the right size and design for your water fountain depending on your available space, desired style, and personal preferences. Fountains come in various sizes, from small tabletop or wall-mounted options to larger freestanding or built-in designs. Smaller fountains can be easier to install and maintain, while larger and more complex designs.

Water Source and Plumbing: Consideration must be given to the availability of a water source and the required plumbing. Smaller fountains can often be powered by recirculating water, eliminating the need for a dedicated water source. Larger fountains may require a direct connection to a water line, which could involve more complex plumbing work.

Electrical Requirements: If your fountain includes features such as lighting or pumps, electrical connections may be necessary. This may involve running electrical lines and ensuring proper grounding and safety measures. It is advisable to consult with an electrician to handle any electrical requirements.

Benefits to Adding a Water Fountain

Aesthetic Appeal

Water fountains add a touch of elegance and beauty to your home landscaping. They serve as eye-catching focal points, enhancing the visual appeal of your outdoor space. Whether you opt for a traditional or contemporary design, a water fountain can elevate the overall aesthetics of your landscaping and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Relaxation and Tranquility

The sound and sight of running water have a calming effect on the mind and body. A water fountain creates a soothing and tranquil environment, providing a place for relaxation and stress relief. The gentle sound of flowing water can drown out background noise, promoting a peaceful ambiance in your outdoor living space.

Wildlife Attraction

Water fountains attract various forms of wildlife, such as birds and butterflies, which can add life and animation to your landscaping. The presence of water acts as a natural magnet, attracting these creatures to visit and provide delightful moments of observation and interaction with nature.

Health and Well-being

Being close to water has been known to promote a sense of well-being and improved mental health. The visual and auditory experience of a water fountain can help reduce stress, enhance mood, and create a positive environment for relaxation and introspection.

Improved Air Quality

Water fountains can help improve air quality by acting as natural humidifiers. The movement of water releases tiny water particles into the air, which can help moisturize and cleanse the surrounding environment, reducing dust and allergens.

Low Maintenance

Compared to other water features like ponds, water fountains generally require less maintenance. With proper care and occasional cleaning, they can be relatively hassle-free additions to your landscaping.

Adding a water fountain to your home landscaping can enhance the aesthetic appeal, create a sense of relaxation, attract wildlife, promote well-being, improve air quality, and provide a low-maintenance water feature. Consider the size, design, and installation requirements to ensure a successful addition to your outdoor space. A water fountain can serve as a focal point that adds beauty, tranquility, and enjoyment to your home environment.

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