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Life along the eastern shores of Lake Washington is peaceful and serene. When you stroll along Kirkland’s downtown corridor, you can find art galleries, excellent restaurants, bronze sculptures, and fantastic landscaping.

Settlers first started arriving in the area in the late 1860s, and we’ve all stayed because of how beautiful it is here. When you own a home or business in this community, your residential and commercial landscaping services investments can maximize your quality of life.

If you’d like to explore how lawn care and landscaping services in Kirkland make sense for your needs, contact us today to discuss your project or maintenance requirements.

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    Why Choose Professional Residential Landscaping Services?

    When you have a healthy lawn, your property becomes naturally cooler. Grass radiates less heat than concrete, asphalt, or stone, allowing you to reduce your air conditioning needs during July, August, and the other hot days of the year.

    Your lawn care and landscaping services investments in Kirkland also contribute to cleaner air and water for our community. When your grass and plants thrive, they act as a runoff barrier that reduces pollutants and sediment flows into Lake Washington.

    The plants filter pollution from the water as they take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, giving us a double benefit.

    Even if you choose to xeriscape your Kirkland home, the natural plants and designs can provide substantial savings. With our residential landscaping services focusing on minimal irrigation needs, your utility bills can be up to 30% lower.

    Several health benefits are also possible when you select residential landscaping services in Kirkland. Did you know that looking at plants is enough to lower blood pressure levels? It can also improve your attention and memory.

    Why Select Professional Commercial Landscaping Services?

    One of the best additions to your commercial landscaping services in Kirkland is a water feature. Not only is this investment aesthetically pleasing, but it will also add more natural sounds and wildlife to your property.

    It’s the perfect backdrop for almost any business or brand in Kirkland. When you have high-quality landscaping, people are willing to travel farther and spend more time at your location, translating to additional revenues.

    That’s only one way your Kirkland business could improve its relationship with the community. Here are some of the other benefits that are possible from this investment.

    • Eco-Friendly Benefits. When you dedicate time to your commercial lawn care and maintenance needs, it demonstrates to the community that you care for the environment. As you incorporate natural local plants into your landscaping plan, you’re offering a subtle message to consumers that you’ll stay loyal to them as a brand.
    • Physical Attraction. People shop where they feel the most comfortable. When all things are equal between you and a competitor, the first impression left by your landscaping investments could be what wins you a customer.
    • Productivity Enhancement. When employees have access to natural spaces, even if it is only through a window, the landscaping investments encourage higher productivity levels. Having time near flowers and trees increases personal happiness, leading to higher levels of job satisfaction.
    • Higher Market Value. When commercial landscaping services in Kirkland create attractive spaces, you’ll see more land, brand, and building value associated with your company.

    When you incorporate well-placed lighting and plants in your landscaping plan, you can even enhance your business’s safety and privacy. If you’d like to know more about the value of our lawn and landscaping services, let’s talk about how our expertise can help your business!

    How Can We Serve You Today?

    Landscaping maintenance services in Kirkland, along with installation and design, can help your home or business maximize its value.

    When your property maintains high-quality landscaping, it can boost your home’s overall value by 15%. Commercial properties experience a similar boost in the rental prices they can charge their tenants.

    You’ll find that our experience can serve as your next best asset. We can take over your maintenance, design a new natural space, or install whatever features you feel will benefit your curb appeal. We work together to ensure each new element exceeds your expectations.

    If you’d like to explore how landscaping and lawn care could evolve your property values, contact our team today to see what is possible!

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