Residential and Commercial Landscaping Services

Issaquah provides the conveniences of urban living while still offering a feeling of small-town America. That makes it an incredible community where you can settle down, raise a family, or enjoy a slower pace to life.

Since we’re surrounded by the Issaquah Alps in the community, our environment has a unique micro-climate that can make residential and commercial landscaping a little challenging.

If you’re tired of trying to keep up with things or you’re ready for a change, our team can help you maximize curb appeal while keeping your landscaping services in Issaquah affordable.

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    Benefits of Residential Landscaping Services in Issaquah

    When you have good landscaping around your home, the environment creates peaceful moments for you and your family. It’s a chance to enjoy some time away from the stress this world creates for us all.

    If you can enjoy nature’s benefits at home, the green grass and beautiful flowers and shrubs combine with sunshine to make your property become a rejuvenating experience!

    Residential landscaping services can provide these additional benefits with an affordable investment.

    Economic Benefits:

    When your home has a high-quality landscaping plan implemented, the enhanced curb appeal can push its total value up to 10% higher. In some Issaquah neighborhoods, that benefit can reach 15% to 20%.

    Quality of Life Improvements:

    If your home receives residential landscaping maintenance services, you can experience the physical and psychological benefits of being in a natural environment. Even in the middle of the city, you can have lower blood pressure, less stress, and memory improvements.

    Air and Water

    When you add trees, shrubs, and plants to your landscaping plan, you’re helping to capture the dust particles and carbon dioxide in Issaquah’s air. One new tree could remove 26 pounds of CO2 each year. With a healthy lawn added to that mix, you’re helping to protect the environment.

    Cooler Temperatures:

    A healthy lawn is always cooler than cement, asphalt, or bare soil. When tall trees get added to the west or south side of your home, you’ll get shade during the hottest part of the day. During Issaquah’s hottest days, your attic temperatures could be lowered by 40°F. That means you’ll pay less for your heating and cooling needs throughout the year.

    Erosion Prevention:

    If your property is on a hill, retaining walls can prevent the elevated soil from moving toward your house when it rains. This practical solution delivers an improved aesthetic while providing tiered pathways, gardening areas, or additional privacy. It can provide such a profound benefit that you might see a discount on your homeowner’s insurance.

    If you’d like to explore more residential lawn care and landscaping services in Issaquah, please contact our experienced team at your convenience.

    Advantages of Commercial Landscaping Services in Issaquah

    The average person spends about 87% of each day indoors. Another 6% of each 24-hour cycle is spent in a vehicle.

    That means the average person only spends 7% of their average day outside. That means your business has one opportunity to make a positive first impression with its commercial landscaping in Issaquah.

    When you create tree-lined paths and have larger landscaped areas, you’re promoting a lower crime rate. Ongoing lawn care and landscaping services in Issaquah can also reduce the incidence of outdoor pests that could damage property or transmit diseases.

    If your commercial building delivers a high-quality landscape, it can often charge a higher rental rate. Customers say in numerous surveys and research studies that they’ll travel farther and spend more time shopping in places that focus on their landscaping.

    As an employer, commercial landscaping services in Issaquah could reduce employee anxiety, depression-like symptoms, and other mental health concerns. Even a short walk through a natural setting on your property can improve short-term memory and productivity levels.

    Are You Ready to Make a Change?

    Lawn and landscaping services are an affordable way to maximize curb appeal, productivity, and customer activity. You can increase property values while promoting a lower crime rate, all with one investment.

    If you’re ready to solve the “how to find landscaping services near me” problem for your property, our team is standing by right now to help.

    We’ll work with you to design a new plan or take care of your existing landscaping. We work around your schedule whenever possible to minimize potential disruptions to your home routine or business needs.

    Lawn and landscaping services in Issaquah could be the best investment you make this year. Contact us today so that we can talk about how to serve you!

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