If you’re concerned about lawn care cost and management today, it might be tempting to do all of the work yourself. It can be relaxing for some people to work outside, but today’s lifestyle requirements don’t always leave enough time to do the work on the proper schedule.

Several lawn care companies will compete for your business. You could settle for the lowest price, but that doesn’t mean you’ll receive the work quality you want.

When you’re ready to turn your lawn care and landscaping over to the pros, here are some tips to help you choose the right company.

What Do The Best Lawn Care Companies Offer?

The first thing to consider when choosing a lawn care company is the business’s reputation. Since anyone can say anything online and pretend that it is true, it is up to you to perform your due diligence before signing a contract.

It helps to read online reviews, ask neighbors for referrals, and even visit the company’s location to get an idea of what to expect.

You might consider emailing the business to ask them for their best lawn care tips to see what they say.

Once you’ve chosen three lawn care companies out of the many that operate in your community based on the above information, you’ll be ready to evaluate them through these steps.

1. Verifiable Insurance

General liability insurance is a requirement for landscapers in much of the United States. Although anyone with a mower can call themselves a lawn care company, you’re taking more risk than is necessary if you hire someone who isn’t correctly licensed or insured. If someone were to be injured while working on your property, they could potentially come after you through litigation to cover the expense.

2. Equipment Inspection

Lawn care equipment goes through a beating when professional landscapers use the items each day on multiple properties. That’s why the best companies invest in the top brands, keep up with the maintenance cycles, and promote a pro-quality image at each stop. Each mower should have the blades sharpened or swapped out after as little as 20 hours of use.

3. Lawn Knowledge

The best lawn care companies train their people to provide world-class customer service. Instead of telling you what they can do, they’ll show you through the results that get achieved. When you see a company outside during a downpour trying to get everything mowed, it’s time to look for another provider. Not only can the clippings get clogged, but it also damages the grass blades in those conditions.

Landscaping and lawn care prices reflect the value a company offers. You should see immediate benefits from their work.

4. Organizational Expertise

If you see a professional lawn care company send ten workers out to care for a quarter-acre plot, how much do you think they’re charging the homeowner for that service? The best agencies stay organized by assigning teams to various properties based on size and equipment needs. That way, fair prices and wages get earned while everyone comes away from the relationship feeling like they got something from it.

It’s often better to pay a little more for your lawn care cost to ensure your property receives the expertise it deserves.

5. Contracts and Requirements

You’ll want to review the contract carefully before signing up with a lawn care company, even if they have an excellent reputation and fair pricing profile. Did you get a yearly rate without having someone see your property? Do you have ways to opt out if you’re not happy with the services provided?

What happens if the lawn care company provides unsatisfactory service? In some situations, you’ll end up fighting the entire year to get your money back, and no one needs that kind of stress in their lives.

6. Application Structure

Some lawn care companies price their services by each application offered. It’s not unusual for there to be five to seven service dates in addition to your regular mowing, bed care, and other landscaping options you might want. If the work quality only requires five service visits at $40 to get the same results as seven at $30, you’ll save money by going with the first option.

As a final step to the evaluation process, it helps to review the lawn care services sector through the lens of the Better Business Bureau. Although BBB ratings shouldn’t be the only factor in your decision, this information can provide another glimpse into the company’s overall character.

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  1. I appreciate you mentioning that it is important to choose a lawn care service with reliable insurance. My brother and his wife want to hire a lawn care service for their yard. I will help them find a lawn care service that is correctly insured.

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  3. It made sense to me when you said that the best lawn care company trains its people to provide the best customer service. My plan is to hire lawn service professionals that can help me achieve a greener lawn. My working hours have been hindering me from caring for my lawn, so it is highly important for me to get the best result. Thanks for sharing this.

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  6. Landscaping is not just transforming your house into classic look, it’s a place for creating uncountable memories.

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