Lawn care costs vary based on the services that homeowners or commercial properties request. In the United States, the average monthly price for these services is about $130, but it can range from under $50 to over $500.

Several factors influence the eventual estimate, including the size of the yard, its current condition, and how many specific services are requested.

If you only want a weekly mow and inspection, that service is often cheaper than including aeration, fertilization, and pest control with your monthly package.

Curb Appeal Begins at the Curb

When a beautiful lawn creates the scene for residential or commercial properties, the outcome is an appealing moment that attracts people to the area. That means a home can experience higher values, or a business can experience more customer traffic.

It takes time, money, and effort to help a lawn continue to look its best. If you’re nervous about how much it might cost to care for your property, contact a professional service provider to receive a competitive quote for services. Most homeowners and business owners find that the expense is surprisingly affordable.

Pricing for lawn care costs fluctuate based on how often you want a yard mowed, the property size, and the services included.

Some lawn care companies charge by the hour, while others base their pricing on size and service. Both approaches often throw in discounts or price breaks for their regular customers.

If a yard features fencing, play structures, or other obstacles, the price for services typically rises accordingly.

Factors That Contribute to Different Lawn Care Pricing

Several variables outside of the actual work being performed at a property also contribute to the eventual estimate provided.

When a parcel requires extensive travel to reach, a professional lawn care provider will often charge more to compensate for the fuel and labor costs needed to arrive.

Pricing in more rural communities is often lower than what you’ll find in urban areas. If you hire a lawn service agency in the city and you live in the country, the travel costs in that situation can also make the pricing higher.

Lawns in the Pacific Northwest often need more frequent work than those further east because of the wet climate. Since that means additional visits are necessary to maintain the property, the monthly costs are often higher.

Some lawns might need watering, fertilizing, weed control, leaf removal, or dethatching. These one-off items (or ongoing services) push the cost higher. If you decide to hire a professional lawn care service agency because the grass has become quite tall, the estimate will often be higher than if it were trimmed to a more regular length.

Labor is often the most significant factor when determining the final cost of lawn care services. The eventual charges are often multiplied by the number of crew members required to complete the work. When you consider the entire scope of the property’s needs, it’ll be easier to estimate what to expect when requesting a competitive quote.


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