How much time do you put into your yard care each week?

If you mow the lawn, trim some shrubs, and pull weeds, you could be outside for three to seven hours weekly to care for your landscaping.

What could you accomplish with that extra time if you had professional landscape maintenance services care for your property instead?

That question is what every homeowner (and some commercial properties!) asks themselves about their landscaping. Does the value of DIY work equate to the time spent, or would it be better to bring in a professional team or agency?

It helps to know the average landscape maintenance cost in your area to make an informed decision.

What Is the Average Cost of Landscaping Maintenance?

The average cost of landscaping maintenance is typically around $200 per month. If you have a small yard that requires minimal care, it might be half of that amount. Larger properties can expect a price of several hundred dollars, and even thousands, depending on the work that needs to get done

That’s why it helps to reach out for a free estimate if you need assistance with your landscape maintenance needs.

Where you live can also impact the cost of your landscaping maintenance. If your property isn’t easily accessible, there could be added travel charges to your eventual estimate.

What Are Today’s Most Popular Landscaping Services?

Outdoor yards are getting smaller because the average size of a suburban home keeps growing. Even if you live on a quarter-acre, a 2,000-square-foot house placed in the center of that land will take up most of the usable space.

Even though lawns are smaller, the need for landscaping maintenance still exists. It might include arbor care, shrubbery shaping, or plant tending.

When you need professional help to manage your property, the best agencies to hire are those that have local expertise. Knowing seasonal changes, weather patterns, local plants, and grass varieties ensure your landscaping looks beautiful throughout the year.

That expertise translates into affordable landscaping services for properties of nearly any size. What help could you use today?

  • Tree Trimming or Removal
  • Lawn Care Services
  • Aeration and Dethatching Services
  • Irrigation or Sprinkler System Installation
  • Leaf Removal and Lawn Weeding
  • Flower Bed Care and Maintenance
  • Water Feature Installation

Each unique service can increase the overall care costs for a property. If you need tree trimming or pruning, it could be up to $500 to service some items.

Should a small tree need to be removed entirely, the cost might be $250 – and large ones can cost a few thousand.

The best contractors for tree removal should have certifications in arbor care. You can always ask to view a company’s credentials before hiring them to work on your property.

What to Expect with Lawn Care Only Services?

The most popular landscaping maintenance service performed in the United States is lawn care. You’ll create a watering and mowing schedule with a local provider that might include fertilization, pest control, or seasonal needs.

Depending on the service providers in your area, you might see general yard work, plant care, and water feature maintenance included in different packages. Most homeowners look for a combination of debris removal and lawn care.

These landscaping services are typically the most affordable ones. If you have a small property with minimal grass to manage, the cost might be as little as $25 per visit.

An overlooked element of the landscaping maintenance process is to have a final maintenance pass over the lawn after the first freeze. Shorter grass doesn’t grow in the winter in some climates, allowing the ground to start drying out faster in the spring.

What If I Need Lawn Fertilization Services?

The best way to care for your lawn is to spread a layer of compost about an inch thick on top of the grass. The lower nitrogen content is less likely to burn the grass blades as it works its way to the roots.

If your provider recommends a chemical fertilizer, you’ll want them to apply a controlled-release compound to ensure the results meet your expectation.

The landscaping maintenance cost for fertilization can be as high as $0.50 per square foot, along with the hourly wages of the team applying the product.

It might be necessary to dethatch or aerate the lawn to maximize this investment, which can add $650 or more to the service package.

Every property is unique, which means these costs are merely guidelines. You’ll need to speak with a trusted landscaping maintenance team to discuss your needs.

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