Landscaping often seems like a costly addition to your property that doesn’t pay off in terms of monetary gain. After all, does maintain perfect hedges and a well-groomed lawn really make your home worth more? Simply put, yes, it does.

How much does landscaping improve home value, though? Well, that depends on the type of landscaping you have done and the community that you live in.

In the following sections, we’ll go over how landscaping can improve home value, and we’ll even give you some landscaping ideas to improve your home’s value and put a little extra cash in your pocket when you decide to sell.

How Does Landscaping Improve Home Value?

Landscaping can add value to your home in several ways:

  • Privacy: Adding trees and bushes can provide a sense of privacy if you live in an otherwise highly-trafficked area.
  • Appearance: Well-groomed shrubs and perfectly maintained gardens add a sort of scenic atmosphere to the property and make it more appealing to passersby, as well as potential buyers. However, going too far with complicated landscaping features can make the home feel like a lot of work. You have to balance any addition you make to ensure you don’t overwhelm buyers.
  • Functionality: It’s obvious that a well-maintained lawn makes navigating your property easier, but features such as LED walkway lighting also add a sense of security to your property, and in today’s world, buyers want to feel that their home is secure at all times.

How Much Value Does Landscaping Add to a Home?

The price percentage added to your home’s value varies greatly depending on what type of landscaping you do, but you can generally expect an increase between 1% and 10% of your home’s base value.

So, for a $300,000 home, maintaining a perfect lawn, weeding your garden, and adding some basic landscaping features may add $3000 to your property value. Doing that while also including shrubbery, LED lighting, generous amounts of fresh mulch, and other features can easily bring that figure closer to the $30,000 range with the same exact home.

Landscaping Ideas to Improve Home Value:

To wrap up this post, we’re going to leave you with some ideas that will help you squeeze the most value out of your property, without having to go to any extremes or taking on high-cost projects.

  • Dense shrubs: If you live facing a street, or your neighbors have a full-view of your home interior due to window placement, consider adding dense shrubbery in strategic, yet practical, locations to break up their line of sight and add a sense of privacy to your home.
  • Simplistic garden: A light-duty garden that requires no more than a couple of hours of work per week to maintain can add a sense of beauty to the home without overwhelming buyers.
  • Lighting: Adding high-quality LED lighting to your walkways and entrances is a cost-effective and simple way to add value by adding a sense of security and makes it more accessible to potential buyers.

Try these tips before you list your home, or hire a professional landscaper to completely renovate your home’s exterior, and you might be surprised by how much more you get out of selling it!

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