The crisp air graces your skin as you step onto your front porch. Stars are shining overhead, and the world seems to be quiet. You can hear a few televisions and conversations in your neighborhood, but it is an evening when everything is peaceful.

When your landscaping doesn’t match the mood, it isn’t easy to relax. You might start creating a to-do list in your mind, get frustrated by your lack of time, or decide to go inside instead of enjoying the fresh air to avoid the mess.

How much does it cost to hire a professional landscaper? It is probably a lot less than you think.

What Is the Basic Cost to Hire a Professional Landscaper?

The truth about professional lawn care and landscaping is that there isn’t one definitive cost to consider. Each project is unique, which is why the best companies provide free quotes for requested services.

You’ll have other costs for installing flower beds, boulders, or decorative items. If you need high-end landscape solutions, the price for services is often different than for someone wanting weekly routine lawn care.

Even the choice to add a pond or water features to your landscaping instead of using only trees and shrubs can change the cost profile.

If you need to add a landscaping designer to your project, the cost for consultations, planning, and design work is a separate expense from the purchase and installation quotes.

When you’re unsure of a specific cost, ask to have your estimate itemized (if it isn’t already) to see the complete breakdown of services.

What Should I Budget for a Professional Landscaper?

Since everyone needs a starting line to consider, it helps to look at the state and national averages for landscaping costs to get pricing ideas.

When you hire a professional landscaper for smaller jobs, the price is typically around $50 to $100 per hour. That cost shouldn’t be per worker, but it does need to cover the time a team spends at your property.

If it takes about 30 minutes to mow your quarter-acre yard, you could expect a price of $25 to $50 per visit. That breaks down to about $100 to $200 per month.

When you need high-end landscape solutions, the cost profile often shifts to square footage. Those prices range from about $4 to $12. That means you could pay up to $1,200 for 100 square feet of work, not including the cost of the items involved, such as boulders, fountains, or other special needs.

If you need a professional landscaper budget for a project starting from scratch, the cost to lay sod and install features is often somewhere between $3,500 to $16,000. Anyone with a larger property to design and manage will usually pay even more.

Average Price of Landscaping Services in Washington

When you look at the price of landscaping services in Washington, you’ll need to consider where you live.

You’ll save about 10% when you hire a professional landscaper in Renton compared to what you’d pay in Seattle. When you live in Auburn, you’re paying one of the highest average costs in the state right now.

If you live somewhere that’s somewhat rural, such as Oak Harbor, you might pay $30 per mow for up to 8,000 square feet. That’s about 20% lower than what you’d pay in Vancouver, but it’s similar to the price of Snohomish services.

Please keep in mind that these costs are averages. Each property has unique needs that can raise or lower your estimate. That’s why it helps to receive a free quote before deciding what company can provide the best options for your needs.

What to Keep in Mind for Your Landscaping Budget?

Although the cost of landscaping services can seem high in some areas, you must also include the equity increases that this investment offers.

When your property has outstanding landscaping, you can see a 10% or higher boost in your home’s sales value. That means a $350,000 home with virtually no design services or maintenance assistance could jump to $385,000 with this investment.

That means you can potentially double your return on a $16,000 investment in this scenario.

As a general rule, it helps to spend about 10% of your home’s total value on the landscaping work.

Your professional landscaper budget for a $200,000 property would be $20,000. That doesn’t mean you need to spend that amount each year. That estimate is for the initial investment before you can turn to maintenance work.

When you hire the right company and stick with a reasonable budget, you can take a deep breath each evening and relax because your property will shine. Are you ready to explore some options today?

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  1. My wife and I were talking about revamping the look of our garden last Sunday night and now, we are interested in hiring landscaping services. I wanted to do some research online and luckily for us, I came across your brilliant article here. My favorite point here has to be where you highlighted that even the choice to add a pond or water features to your landscaping instead of using only trees and shrubs can change the cost profile. This is an important point you raised here, where I’m sure those like my wife and I will be happy to have learnt of. I’ll be sure to share this with my wife as well in a bit! Thank you!

  2. We just bought a newly constructed home, so there is no landscaping. It is good to know that there is not one definite cost to consider because each project is unique. We will look for a great company that provides free quotes for their services.

  3. I like how you mentioned that since everyone needs a starting line to consider, it helps to look at the state and national averages for landscaping costs to get pricing ideas. My friend wants his lawn to look good, but he doesn’t have the knowledge and time to do it himself. I told him that looking at landscape services was the first thing he wanted to do. It will save him time and laborious efforts.

  4. Thanks for explaining that a landscaper is typically 50$ to 100% an hour. I want to help give my dad a new garden space. He loves the outdoors, so I think this would mean a lot to him.

  5. My cousin wants to make her yard look really nice next summer. It’s great that this article talks about the different costs depending on the features you want to add. I’ll let her know so she can have a plan before searching for a landscaping service in her area.

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