Curb appeal is what draws people to look at your property over the others in your neighborhood. It can even add value when you’re in a seller’s market and wanting to get the best price possible.

One way you can add eye-catching elements without making significant changes is with landscape boulders.

When you have these big rocks tucked into a garden bed or used as a central focal point, your landscape’s natural character becomes easier to see.

These boulders are also virtually maintenance-free, add color, and are more affordable than you might realize.

What Are Landscape Boulders Cost Per Ton?

The cost of landscape boulders depends on the size and rock style you select for your property. When you choose something bigger, you might also have the labor and transportation charges for bringing a crane to your home or business to place it correctly.

For most customers, the price of a typical stone boulder can be as low as $100 per ton. It can also reach up to $600 per ton.

If you wanted to include a sandstone boulder with your landscaping plan, its weight would be about 150 pounds for every cubic foot. That means a stone with 27 cubic feet would weigh over two tons.

You would then need to speak with your trusted landscaping experts to get a quote for the boulder and the labor to install it.

How to Landscape with Boulders to Maximize Your Investment

When you consider the cost of landscape boulders, it might be wise to get a quote for multiple stones. If you group them in clusters, such as a rock wall surrounding a pool or fountain, you can create an impressive focal point.

You can also use the boulders to create a large-scale rock garden. If you decide to do groupings, it helps to use at least three of them to create a more natural look.

Here are some other tips to consider if you’re designing a landscaping plan with boulders.

1. Have them set in the ground.

It usually works better to have your boulders set in the ground instead of resting on top of it. You’ll get more stability with the installation, and the work delivers a different aesthetic to your property.

2. Surround your boulders with other elements.

If you receive a mix of boulder shapes and sizes, you can create different “beds” with your investment by surrounding the new stones with gravel, sand, or mulch. Although you could make a full-size Zen garden with this approach, many people use this technique to create lovely spaces around their home to limit potentially damaging vegetation.

3. Create different levels with your boulders.

If your property has an elevation change, it makes sense to use the boulders as a way to “step” up or down to the different levels. You can even turn them into stairs when the stones have a flat side to them and enough localized ground stability. When your new installation follows the shape and flow of the yard, it’s an impressive sight!

4. Create landscape lighting with your boulders.

Some people have turned their landscape boulders cost into a fire pit installation that adds tremendous value to their property. When you create natural spaces for people to gather, it will make another focal point that people will love. Even if you’re thinking about upgrading commercial land, this idea can help you host events, create a meeting space, or have a small park available for customers.

5. Use landscape boulders as retaining walls.

If your trusted landscaping professionals sell boulders, they can produce a stunning natural retaining wall that adds a striking visual element to your property. When you have an extreme change in elevation or want to install a new raised bed for your garden, this investment provides a semi-permanent option that adds color and definition.

Is the Cost of Landscape Boulders Worth Considering?

When you want to create a different look for your property than what the neighbors have, installing landscape boulders is an affordable way to create a stunning outcome.

You can use one large, central boulder to create a unique focal point or use several smaller ones for everything from a retaining wall to a fire pit.

It’s a low-maintenance way to beautify your property that you’ll enjoy for years to come!

If you have any questions about adding landscape boulders to your residential yard or commercial property, give our team a call today at 425-549-5147! We can provide you with a quote to let you know how affordable this improvement can be. Also, visit us at www.bearcreeklandscaping.com and stay connected with us by following our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/bclandscaping1.

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