When you start looking for a landscape contractor in your community, a simple web search will pull up dozens of results.

Although some websites look like they’re from a local business, you’ll discover that they’re a national distributor’s referral page. Instead of working with an expert who might live in your neighborhood, you end up getting someone from almost anywhere with those services.

A referral network can provide essential landscaping services or someone local, but the latter company has an advantage. When you work with someone who knows your community, it’s much easier to get the results you want.

Who Should I Hire for My Landscaping?

The person or company you decide to hire for your landscaping depends on several factors. What is your budget? Is there a specific timeline involved that you need to meet?

Does your project’s size and complexity require landscape architects and designers, or are you looking at some basic maintenance needs for your property?

When you need landscaping services, it helps to find someone who takes the time to get to know your property. They should ask you questions about how you use your yard, the things you like, and the feelings you’d like to have when viewing the final result.

Instead of looking online for a random business or clicking on a sponsored ad, consider asking your neighbors and friends for the landscape companies they’ve hired in the past. All it takes is a quick conversation to get the name of someone who others trust to complete the work you need finished.

What If I Like to DIY My Landscaping Ideas?

Some homeowners come from a landscaping or contracting background. They love to tackle projects at their home because the work gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Even if you plan to do everything yourself, it’s still a great idea to speak with a local professional landscaping firm. They can help you to analyze your property, consider different designs, and bounce some unique designs around.

Unless you’ve worked as a professional landscaper in the past, it’s easy to underestimate the work that needs to happen for anything beyond a flower bed. There needs to be an artistic vision that makes sense for the entire property.

Once you have a master plan developed, it’s wise to speak with local experts about swimming pools, hardscapes, outdoor kitchens, irrigation, and grading.

Although the master design process isn’t free, the investment can help you get the outcomes you want while avoiding some costly mistakes.

Residential vs. Commercial Landscaping Contractors

If you need landscaping services, it’s essential to separate the residential needs from the commercial ones.

A residential contractor often emphasizes style with their work. You’ll discover more design flexibility, more cost profiles, and faster project turnarounds. It’s not unusual to see narrow service offerings based on individual expertise, although many companies provide a suite of services that range from driveway paving to lawn care.

If you have a business property, a commercial contractor might be who you need to hire. You’ll find standardized plans more often with this company, which means you’ll have fewer landscaping ideas to pursue. They’ll take on fewer clients, but they also specialize in larger, full-service projects.

Although most homeowners choose a residential landscaper, it does make sense to speak with commercial contractors if you have an extensive property that requires more functionality. You might consider getting quotes and ideas from both ends of the spectrum before making a final decision.

Best Places to Find a Landscaping Contractor Near Me

If you’re looking for a landscaping company to work on your property, you can start your search on websites like HomeAdvisor, Yelp, and Angie’s List. You’ll see reviews of local businesses that empower you to make informed decisions.

You can also work with sites like the Better Business Bureau, Thumbtack, and Houzz.

When you live in a small community, a simple phone call is often all that is needed to find a contractor. That initial conversation can help you to gauge their skills or bounce some landscaping ideas off of them. If you like what you hear, consider scheduling an in-person consultation to keep that creative process going.

Another option is to look at the various youth sports teams in your community. Several landscaping service providers sponsor clubs or get active in other ways, allowing you to get to know these architects, designers, and other professionals outside of the industry. It’s much easier to hire someone when you know them at some level.

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  1. My best friend and his wife want to hire a professional landscape company this summer to work on their yard. I like how you recommend asking your neighbors or friends about the landscape companies they have hired before. I’ll definitely have my friend and his wife ask the people they trust for suggestions of good landscaping services they should hire.

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