Your front yard makes a statement. When people walk or drive by your home, your front yard landscaping ideas will catch the eye or inspire someone to ignore the property.

You want to avoid the latter because a home’s curb appeal is one of the most significant value contributors you have. It can add up to 10% to the sales price of your property!

That’s why you’ll want to think about using these ideas to beautify your yard today.

What Are the Best Landscaping Ideas for the Front of House?

If you’re looking for easy landscaping ideas for the front of the house, you don’t need to settle for a few beds of annuals or a bunch of bulbs. You can create something impressive and stunning that adds lots of curb appeal by implementing these concepts.

1. Add rock features to your front yard.

When you add stones or rocks to your property, you can install understated natural accents without having a high cost. This option creates a secondary benefit by delivering rain spillways and other drainage features. If you end up getting a lot of mud after a heavy downpour, a simple pea gravel border can offer more stability.

2. Incorporate some lighting to brighten your front yard.

Landscape lighting options are quite affordable today, especially when you consider getting solar stakes. You can stick them along walkways, put them in flower beds, or even use integrated LEDs with faux boulders to create a seamless visual blend for your walkways.

If you want something more permanent, consider speaking with a local electrician about installing porch lights in your front yard. Once they’re in place, you can build a small flower bed around them to create a distinctive look for your property.

3. Upgrade your front yard bed borders.

If you need landscaping ideas for the front of a ranch-style house, consider adding bigger or taller borders for your various flowerbeds or shrub surroundings. Even if you only go up one level, you’ll change the entire look of the features and plants already there.

Another option in this category is to create more curves and waves with your borders. Although it will take more time to complete your maintenance work, the visual aesthetics are worth the extra time and investment.

4. Use ground cover to hide unsightly spots in your front yard.

You have several ground cover options to consider for your front yard if some unsightly spots need to get covered. You can add color to slopes or shady areas where the grass struggles to grow. Some options will bloom, while others are evergreen, offering summer or winter hues when your property needs them the most.

5. Use perennial shrubs from your front yard landscaping.

Some shrubs are low-maintenance items that add lots of beauty to your front yard. Hydrangeas and azaleas are particularly notable for their gracious blooms. Most of the varieties are relatively inexpensive to plant and grow, but you’ll want to select options that work with the micro-climate found at your property.

If you don’t have a lot of time to upkeep these shrubs, your trusted landscaping provider might offer ongoing services that will keep everything looking trimmed and neat.

6. Take advantage of the mailbox in your front yard.

If you have a mailbox on your property, you have the perfect opportunity to create a flower bed that adds a lot of color and character to your front yard. It’s a lot of fun to plant annuals here because you can switch the look each year. When you add some mulch and a few fun personal additions, such as painted rocks, you’ll have an attractive addition to your landscaping that everyone will appreciate.

7. Get rid of the old mulch in your front yard beds.

Some mulch needs to get replaced each year to ensure your front yard landscaping receives the protection it requires. Even if you have a multi-year product, it will eventually look old and worn out. The best way to improve your aesthetics in this situation is to haul the old stuff out and replace it with something new. Darker colors help to create contrast for your plants and shrubs.

You can also work to improve your grass, plant flower beds around your trees, and take other steps to beautify what is already available. It doesn’t take much time to achieve results, and you’ll be surprised by how affordable it is to implement these front yard landscaping ideas today.

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