Adding rocks or mulch to the front yard is a fast, affordable, and convenient way to update a property’s landscaping plan. Both products create a low-maintenance solution that delivers potential benefits to your soil and drainage profile.

Here are some of the best ways to start using rocks and mulch to spruce up your front yard landscaping today.

1. Create a Retaining Wall

Large rocks create a beautiful retaining wall that looks more natural than using pavers or blocks. Since you can stack them without needing any mortar or concrete, the project is usually finished in a single afternoon. [[1]]

Large river rocks or boulders both work well, depending on the wall size needed. Once you fill in the space with some soil, a mulch layer creates a fantastic foundation for flower beds, gardens, and shrubs.

2. Use Pea Gravel Instead of Bark

Instead of using a bark-based mulch for your flower beds, consider adding pea gravel to keep the weeds out of your yard. [[2]]

You’ll get two benefits with this front yard landscaping swap. First, the rocks do a great job of preventing soil erosion. The second advantage is that the material lasts much longer while requiring less work to maintain.

3. Create Layers Along Borders

You can create layered looks for your landscaping plan by using rocks, small stones, and organic mulches as edging choices.

Whenever you spot a border in your front yard, think about how you can add one or two additional elements with rocks and mulch to enhance the look. [[3]]

If you create edging around different pathways or borders, including your driveway, it’ll create unique colors and textures that produce an inviting visual aesthetic.

4. Build Paths with the Materials

When you have flat, large rocks to use on your property, they can be used to create a path to your front door. Different shapes and sizes make a unique visual element to enjoy. [[4]]

Flagstone is a great choice to consider since it comes with different color profiles.

If you don’t want to go through the work of installing a stone path, mulch works just as well to create a cohesive look. You’ll want to install borders to prevent the materials from filtering into your different beds for the best results.

Although straight paths are appealing, you might try a curved pattern to see if it looks good with your landscaping plan.

5. Build a Water Feature

If you have lots of rocks to use for your landscaping plan, it might be worth investing in a potential water feature. It’ll add a “wow” factor to those who pass by your property.

The relaxing effects of running water are also nice to have, especially after a long day at work. [[5]]

Our team can help you design a compelling water feature that works with your property to maximize its appeal while keeping costs affordable. You can also try a homemade option with a pond or a fountain kit.

6. Create a Rock Garden

You don’t need to follow the rules of having a large lawn to use or a garden area filled with flower beds. When looking at the best front yard landscaping ideas today, some of the most attractive options come from rock garden designs.

You can mix up your landscaping look by using different layers with different stone types.

If you get some river rocks, small stones, boulders, and pea gravel for pathways, the look can be just as attractive as using indigenous plants.

7. Use Stones for Steps

Is your home on a hill? Instead of using concrete casting to create steps to reach your front door, consider building stairs by using stones. You can use pavers, blocks, or natural products for your step treads to give your home a unique look. This landscaping option works well when you have stone retaining walls or brick pathways already installed.

8. Build Planters with Mulch or Rock

A Gabion planter uses stones or mulch to create a place for your favorite flowers or plants. It requires a galvanized frame to get started. You’ll then fill it with your preferred materials to make a semi-permanent addition to your front yard landscaping that everyone will adore.

The front yard generates a significant portion of a home’s curb appeal. When you’re in a seller’s market, each new detail can up the eventual sales price! These ideas can help you change your look or prepare the property for a potential sale while keeping the upgrades affordable.

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  1. I found it interesting when you said that you could consider using stones in order to build stairs instead of using concrete casting. My husband and I are interested in transforming the look of our garden and achieving a more modern appeal for our favorite place at home within the month. We will be sure to do your tips and find a reliable rock supplier.

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