One of the best investments you can make for your backyard this year is a DIY water feature. This addition adds a soothing element to your property while creating an inviting place for birds and beneficial insects to gather.

You can choose to make the backyard water features a standalone element or incorporate them into your overall garden plan.

Even small backyards can benefit from this investment! With water feature ideas for a patio, deck, or garden, everyone can create a peaceful oasis this year.

What Are the Best DIY Outdoor Water Feature Ideas?

Many homeowners don’t have the money to have a professionally designed and installed water feature in their backyard. That’s why these options are a lot of fun to consider.

1. DIY Pot Fountain

This project requires two planters and a few materials to create a small water fountain. Most of the work depends on the pots you select, which means it helps to look for something that matches your unique style. The trickiest part is to install the water pump with the plastic tubing while ensuring the silicone sealant does its job.

You aren’t restricted to small pots with this project. They can be as large as you want them to be! The only consideration is to avoid using terracotta since it is such a porous material. If you love the look of that material, you’ll want to make sure the surfaces are appropriately sealed before installing the other features.

2. Water Wall

One of the best water features for the modern patio or porch is a wall-style fountain. You can purchase pre-made options for over $1,000, but a DIY design might set you back about $250. It takes some time to build this project, so it might take a weekend to complete. You’ll also need to be handy with some tools to pull this one off.

3. Waterfall Ponds

A waterfall pond doesn’t need to be large to create an impressive visual result. You can stack stones around the feature, install the tubing that transfers water from the pond to the falls, and easily dig a hole that fits everything. Although it’ll take some work to make things level and you’ll need electricity access, the sound of flowing water will create a Zen-like outcome for your property.

4. Water Garden

If you have a small property, deck, or patio, the best backyard water features might involve a simple garden. When you have a waterproof planter, you can fill it with water and plant water lilies and other aquatic species that thrive in full-time moisture. Once you secure the materials for this project, you can get everything finished in a couple of hours. Then you just need to wait for everything to grow!

Water lilies can be a little tricky to grow. They prefer containers that are wide and shallow. You’ll need soil for the tubers, and it helps to cover it in burlap to prevent the garden from becoming cloudy.

5. Outdoor Tool Fountains

When you have a rustic landscape design for your backyard, your new DIY outdoor water feature should match that atmosphere. If you have old tools that you no longer use to get your chores done, why not turn them into a functional installation? One of the best choices for this idea is a wheelbarrow, although you can use anything that delivers enough surface space. The work is similar to a standard stacked rock design, making it a relatively straightforward project to complete.

6. Natural Rock Fountain

If you need a small backyard fountain because your space is limited, you can dig deeper into the ground to give yourself more room. Please remember to call 811 before starting a project like this one to have your lines marked. After installing all the features, you’ll fill the remaining space with natural river or shoreline rocks to create a beautiful installation that can even work with some concrete patios.

7. Birdbath Fountain

Do you know how to affix a water pump? If you have that skill, you can finish this DIY outdoor water feature without much of a hassle. The trick is to use a two-piece birdbath with a hollow center pedestal. You’ll need to drill a hole for the water line through the upper surface, but all of the hardware can get installed in the base for a simple, beautiful addition to the backyard.

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