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What Are Lawn Care Services?

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What Are Lawn Care Services?
Written By: Bear Creek Landscaping Team ~ 3/2/2023


The goal of professional lawn care services is to address the overall health of your grass and landscaping. You never know when an issue can develop, which is why having a regularly scheduled service is beneficial.

When a professional team evaluates your lawn two to four times per month, you can rest assured that the grass will be green, healthy, and strong throughout the year.

Lawn Care Services to Consider This Year
If your lawn is looking a little yellow, a bit patchy, or just worn out, you can upgrade how it looks this year with one simple investment.

When you choose professional lawn care services for your property, you’ll find that these options can breathe new life into the lush, green carpet you’d like to see.

1. Mowing Services

Trimming the grass with a sharp blade ensures that a clean cut occurs each time. When you choose this service, you’ll get the edges crisp and trimmed to create a clean, manicured look. You won’t need to worry about the trimmings getting left behind either.

2. Lawn Fertilization

Grass needs nutrients to stay healthy and grow, just like any other plant. Choosing a professional lawn care services team for year-round support ensures that you can get on a regular fertilization schedule.

3. Weed Control

Weeds come in many different shapes and sizes. Whether you’ve got a lawn filled with dandelions or thistles, a lawn care company delivers preventative treatments to control the issue.

4. Fungicide

Fungal invasions are common in Pacific Northwest lawns. Not only can these growths create unsightly results, but they also could be dangerous to pets and young children. A lawn care team applies fungicide treatments to reduce the risk of disease development, eliminate brown patches, and take care of leaf spots.

5. Pest Control

Many pests are out there trying to infiltrate your lawn today. Ticks, grubs, caterpillars, and other pests cause dead patches, yellowing, and other problems that can stop your yard from looking lush and green. By applying an appropriate treatment, a professional service provider can restore health to your grass in no time at all.

6. Lime Applications

Adding lime to a lawn is sometimes essential. Without its presence, the grass cannot benefit from the soil’s nutrients as efficiently. If your soil is too acidic, this professional service application can restore the pH to something closer to neutral.

7. Shrub Health

The problems that a lawn can develop often transition to your trees and shrubs. Before you start seeing changes to the condition of your grass, the evidence of an issue can be seen on trunks, branches, and leaves. A professional lawn care company offers a complete property inspection with each visit to ensure everything is healthy.

When your lawn looks lush and green, the curb appeal of your property will be at its best! Although many homeowners love doing lawn care work themselves, it helps to hire a professional team to ensure everything is healthy. It’s one small investment that can provide a year’s worth of outdoor enjoyment.

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