Acquire a fantastic landscape for your home or office! Bear Creek Landscaping LLC is an Eastside landscape company which offers terrific looking landscaping that is within your budget. We routinely have jobs in Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Sammamish, Issaquah, Seattle and as far away as the mountains and islands around the beautiful Puget Sound.

Makers of an impeccable landscape design in Washington, Bear Creek Landscaping, LLC. always works the extra mile to provide you quality services. With over 40 years of experience in the landscaping industry, our team of dedicated and professional landscape technicians guarantee to give you exceptional landscaping services that you truly deserve.

Aside from a remarkable landscape design, we also provide landscape maintenance, water features, pond, and practically everything you need in the area of landscaping. We work with our clients to create beautiful environments on time and within a budget. (Jokingly, clients call us the “yard crashers.”)

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    Looking to sell your home or property? If so, a staged yard is a proven way of impressing potential buyers and also enhancing your real estate listing. Bear Creek Landscaping is proud to have helped dozens of clients and agents successfully sell their homes.

    Our other specialty is remodeling and home make overs. We have access to our own nurseries that utilize mature plant material where the client wants something full grown.

    We are fully licensed, insured and Bonded (Contractors Reg BEARCCL882P3).

    About Mike Clifford

    About Mike Cliford

    If you were around Seattle’s Green Lake district in the 1970s there’s a chance you might have come across a 10-year-old boy hauling his dad’s lawn mower around the neighborhood, earning pocket money by raking leaves and mowing grass. And if you’d seen the way he approached his work you might even have guessed he would one day become one of the region’s most valuable and experienced resources for property owners interested in adding beauty to their external environments.

    Meet Mike Clifford, general manager of Bear Creek Landscaping. As the company’s founder and operator, he’s the driving force behind Bear Creek’s mission to provide both residential and commercial property owners with a unique one-stop shop that combines all design, installation and maintenance services with the quality and efficiency you would expect from nearly four decades of experience. If you want to know exactly what Bear Creek is all about, you need to know Mike Clifford.

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