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What to Plant in July in the PNW

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What to Plant in July in the PNW
Written By: Bear Creek Landscaping Team ~ 7/6/2023


Seasonal Flowers Blooming in July (Pacific Northwest/Seattle Area):

  • Lavender (Lavandula): With its aromatic scent and beautiful purple hues, lavender blooms during July, attracting pollinators and adding a touch of serenity to gardens.
  • Coneflowers (Echinacea): These hardy perennials feature striking daisy-like flowers in various colors, including shades of pink, white, and purple. They attract butterflies and bees while providing a burst of color to your landscape.
  • Black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia): Known for their vibrant golden-yellow petals and dark centers, Black-eyed Susans are a popular choice for summer gardens, adding warmth and charm to any landscape.
  • Daylilies (Hemerocallis): Daylilies showcase a variety of stunning colors and patterns, blooming in abundance during July. They are versatile and easy to grow, making them a favorite for Pacific Northwest gardens.
  • Hydrangeas (Hydrangea): These showy and versatile shrubs produce large, colorful blooms in shades of blue, pink, and white. Their striking appearance and long-lasting flowers make them a popular choice for garden enthusiasts.

Vegetables to Plant in July (Pacific Northwest/Seattle Area):

  • Beans: Bush beans and pole beans can still be planted in July for a late summer harvest. Choose varieties suitable for your region and ensure they receive adequate sun and water.
  • Carrots: Sow carrot seeds in July for a fall harvest. Opt for varieties with shorter maturity periods to ensure they have enough time to develop before colder temperatures arrive.
  • Beets: Plant beets in July for a late summer or early fall harvest. They are versatile and can be enjoyed in salads, roasted, or pickled.
  • Radishes: Radishes are quick-growing vegetables, making them ideal for planting in July. They mature in a relatively short time, allowing you to enjoy their peppery crunch within a few weeks.

This will help ensure successful gardening and optimal timing for planting and harvesting.

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