When the snow flies, it might seem like the services of a lawn care company are no longer needed. For many homeowners and business owners, it’s the perfect time to consider the available options from a local provider.

Here are some of the services you can use during the winter months when working with a local lawn care company.

1. Winter Lawn Preparation

You’ve invested a lot of time and money to keep your lawn in excellent shape throughout the year. Preparing it for the colder months ensures that you can get a head start in the spring when everything is ready to grow again.

Depending on the services offered by your local lawn care provider, you might find any or all of the following options available.

  • Draining the sprinkler system and outdoor hoses to avoid freezing damage.
  • Soil aeration through lawn dethatching.
  • Shrub and tree pruning services.
  • Wrapping plants for the winter, including burlap protection.
  • Patio furniture removal and storage.
  • Flower bed preparation for the spring.

2. Snow Removal Services

Many lawn care companies provide snow removal services. When you shovel road salt or other melting agents into the grass, it can cause a remarkable amount of damage in a short time.

Your local provider can clear your walkways and driveways while supporting the future health of your grass.

3. Train Staff

Many of today’s best lawn care companies take the winter months to train their staff for the next season. It’s a great time to start the onboarding process because there is time to become familiar with the expectations found on each project.

The winter months are also the time when many companies start building their client lists. You’ll see a focus on different marketing tactics, ranging from hanging door flyers to connecting with HOAs and other homeowner groups.

4. Winter Mulching

Lawn care companies that deliver landscaping services often include winter mulching as an available option. When the temperatures drop below freezing, this material acts as an insulative layer that helps plants remain in a dormant state.

This service is typically unavailable until the first hard freeze creates hardened ground. It blocks weeds, stops pests, and protects perennials from cold-related damage.

5. Weed Removal Services

Winter weed removal provides another service option for lawn care companies, especially in regions where temperatures don’t get cold enough for prolonged snow or frost. It prepares the lawn for the spring while removing competitive plants that try to rob nutrients from the grass. Some businesses might include leaf removal with this option to help a yard continue looking its best throughout the year.

Additional services you can find in the winter months with local lawn care companies include pressure washing, tree planting, shrub care, gutter cleaning, and Christmas light installation or removal. Since each business sets its own service profile, you’ll want to reach out to discuss what options are available when you’d like some help caring for your property during the colder weather.

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