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This client lives within a newly developed neighborhood. He felt like he had no privacy since his neighbor’s windows looked right on top of him when relaxing in back. The main goal was to add privacy trees and some kind of raised beds for gardening while introducing better plants that the client had noticed throughout his walks. I created a rough sketch concept that we tweaked and modified. Being that it is a square lot I wanted to introduce curved bed lines to the yard. A gravel path now connects the front to the back and will also have a raised vegetable planting bed in the future. After bed space was created it was simply a matter of plant selection for which I picked out different trees that will bloom at different times of year and have different textures/ colors. I took my client’s plant selections and even transplanted existing plants that were in the wrong place to make it aesthetically pleasing and added the yard sculpture which was the cherry on top! Total Transformation was done in 2 days and will last a lifetime.

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