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The client wanted to get rid of the grass and create a space that she could plant an English style garden in. The only thing she knew she wanted was a Blue stone walkway down the center, some type of raised vegetable garden and 4 trees. After evaluating the site and best areas for sun, I wanted to break up the space by adding additional walkways. This would allow a planting design to be broken up into different outdoor rooms. I thought “how fun would it be to be able to walk from the sidewalk after a days work and be able to stop by the garden as you walk in the house to pick vegetables?” Raised planters are often expensive so I went with a quick more cost effective approach of using galvanized stock tanks which we customized for drainage. The overall design came out great and she is ready to plant away! Overall we started with the clients idea, created a design that met the criteria, customized to fit a budget, and then carried through with more potential phases in the years to come!

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