Bear Creek Landscaping

Station Controller

Bear Creek Landscaping
Hunter Pro-HC 6 Station Controller: $179
Hunter Pro-HC 12 Station Controller: $222

6’ Power Chord -$4.64Labor -$180.00

Flow Meter

Bear Creek Landscaping
Hunter HC 100 Flow Meter -1” $112
Hunter HC 150 Flow Meter -1.5” $224

Fittings and Wiring -$88.00
Valve Box -$23.00
Labor $270.00

Hunter P

Smart Irrigation Upgrade will Reduce Water Consumption up to 60% Flow Meter  Upgrade will Detect Leaks and Breaks and Prevent Plant Loss and Property Damage 24 Hour System Monitoring and Control with Automated Seasonal Adjustments More Efficient Programming Based on Weather and Plant Needs for a Healthier Landscape Easily Suspend Watering Prior to Special Gatherings and Events in the Yard Easily Suspend Watering after Herbicide Applications to Prevent Wash Off Remotely Run a Turf Irrigation Zone to Cool the Kids Off During Hot Summer Months Remotely Run any Irrigation Zone to Scare Away Unwanted Wildlife and Humans Remotely Change Irrigation Needs for Enhancements like New Plants and Over Seeding Detailed Water Usage Recordings and Reports for Continuous Improvements to Efficiency

Our Landscaping services in Bellevue offer incredible value. For one affordable rate, you can get the care your property needs while maintaining its curb appeal. Instead of worrying about doing your own lawn care and landscaping services, you can trust a professional team to keep your home looking its best! If you’re ready to solve the “how to find landscaping services near me” problem, contact our team today to discuss the services that can maximize your property’s value.

Residential Landscaping Services in Bellevue

When you need lawn care and landscaping services in Bellevue, our team can produce the high-quality results you want for your property.

Our team understands the vision you have for how your home should look. We’ll follow your preferences when selecting the plants, hardscape elements, irrigation placement, and features you want for an attractive property with immense curb appeal.

When you hire professional landscapers to take care of your property, you’re delegating the time-consuming logistics so that more time is available in your day. We’ll ensure your property looks beautiful while you handle the other items on your agenda.

It’s also more energy-efficient to hire a professional landscaping company. We can help you find the right places for your shrubs and trees to impact your overall heating and cooling expenses positively.

Strategic residential landscaping can add more than 14% to your property’s value. If you need flexible timelines or specific tasks completed to stay in compliance with HOA guidelines, we’ll help you achieve your goals.

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