Landscaping doesn’t have to be just lawns, trees, bushes, and flowers. Rock gardens and the like are quite pretty in their way, and tend to be a lot less maintenance. Besides, in arid environments, a more traditional garden isn’t really feasible. That said, weeds care little for what environment they inhabit. Life, as the saying goes, finds a way. This means that even rock gardens can have weeds. Fortunately, how to prevent weeds in rock landscaping and get rid of weeds in rock landscaping isn’t as hard as people might think.

Chemical Sprays

Since you don’t have to worry about killing grass with wayward sprays, it’s a lot easier to target the weeds with weed killer than with a traditional lawn or garden. There are also alternative ways to kill weeds, and they’re just as effective against rock dwellers as more conventional plants.


Another, toxin-free alternative, is vinegar. Vinegar is just as harmful to plants as chemical killers, but it doesn’t risk damaging the environment or soil. Just like with other weed killers, though, you need to aim carefully so you don’t accidently kill other plants. Vinegars designed specifically to kill weeds are available, so you don’t have to waste the kitchen stock in the process.


Pruning and trimming is another option, as well as just pulling the weeds the old fashioned way. The problem with this method is if you don’t get to the roots, the weeds will come back. The key when taking out weeds is to make sure they don’t come back, and that’s why prevention is so important to the process to also making sure that they’re removed in the first place.


Naturally, once the weeds are removed, the next concern is how to keep them out. Placing protective sheets under rocks can keep weeds from sprouting. Pre-emergent’s are great for making sure weeds don’t come back, and they can be a lot easier to place in a rock garden or landscape situation than one heavily soiled. Weed barrier fabrics are the best for this. They are easy to find and easy to layout, and it gives you a chance to have some fun arranging the rocks.


Whatever method you utilize to remove your weeds, make sure it’s completely effective before placing the preventatives. If the weeds can grow through, it will let others to follow. Weeds are persistent, after all. Their durability and ability to grow just about anywhere is why even those with a rock garden have to worry about them.

Some people prefer using non-toxic weed killers because they are safer and better for the environment. In this regard, vinegar is great. More conventional weed killers can also do the job, but make sure your aim is accurate either way. You want to make sure you’re killing the right plants, obviously. Once you’ve got them down for good, make sure they don’t come back. Rock landscaping is just as pretty as conventional lawns and gardens, and knowing how to prevent weeds in rock landscaping will keep it that way.

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