What do you see when taking a walk through your neighborhood?

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ll notice that most landscaping plans look the same. You’ll see a few flower beds, perhaps a retaining wall, and plenty of open lawn space that could be various shades of green.

When you invest in a modern landscape design, you’re creating a property that stands out from the rest. Whether you hire a professional or do the work yourself, knowing how to add new elements can create enormous curb appeal.

Here are the elements of garden design and lawn care you’ll want to review.

What Are the Features of Modern Landscape Design?

Modern home landscaping tends to follow some specific rules when developing new ideas. Although every property and personal preference is unique in some way, the investments made in this area tend to all into the guidelines below.

  1. Use local materials, preferably natural items, such as native plants, stone, and wood, to create a cohesive look with the rest of the environment.
  2. The design should be uncluttered, clean, and visually functional from the moment the landscaping plan is complete.
  3. Modern house landscaping incorporates geometric elements whenever possible, ranging from garden stepping stones to the shape of a patio or deck.
  4. The garden’s lines should be clean while repeating the home’s structure, size, and shape whenever possible.
  5. Continuity is emphasized in modern landscaping design, with repetition encouraged for the various shapes, materials, textures, and colors.
  6. The garden and lawn should complement and enhance the property’s architecture in some way.
  7. When furnishings are part of the landscaping additions, they should include bold or striking colors. Monochrome is a popular choice when looking for ideas in this area.
  8. If it is in the budget, consider adding a water feature to further enhance the property’s aesthetics.
  9. Remove the elements of a cottage garden, such as roses, to create something that feels fresh and updated.
  10. Rustic elements do not belong in modern landscape design plans.

You can follow these rules in whatever way makes the most sense for the project’s needs. If you can include a focal point that demands attention as part of this process, you’ll have a stunning plan that makes people want to stay in that space.

How to Update Modern Outdoor Landscapes

If your landscaping could benefit from an update, here are some innovative ways you can incorporate some modern elements while keeping your budget happy.

1. Rethink the front path.

Assess the property from a visitor’s viewpoint. Walk up the front path from the curb, come across the sidewalk, and pass the front yard. Is the entry safe, warm, and welcoming? If people feel it is necessary to cut across the lawn, it might be helpful to create a path in that space to limit landscaping damage.

2. Embrace hygge concepts for the entryway.

Most homes use the front door as the primary focal point. If there aren’t any landscaping elements nearby, it’ll feel dull and boring. You can add some container plants, install a lighting plan, and even swap the doormat to create something cozier and more inviting for the initial approach.

3. Remove landscape elements that cause damage.

It isn’t always necessary to dig up everything to start over with a new landscaping plan, but you can take some steps to address problem areas. If you have roots causing paths or sidewalks to buckle, it’s time to remove those plants or trees. Hedges don’t work well during a drought, while some high-maintenance shrubs need constant care and attention.

When you don’t have the time to DIY these efforts, a modern home landscaping contractor can take care of the work for you.

4. Think about a year-round landscaping plan.

Most yards look beautiful during the spring and late fall. It’s in the winter or the hot months of July and August where things take a turn. Try to plant items for your landscaping that support color throughout the year. Even a few plants or trees will keep the yard from looking bare or drab.

Are You Ready to Improve Your Outdoor Landscaping?

The goal of modern landscaping design should be to create something unique. Whether that means adding a new water feature, a stone border, or a flower bed, you want the ideas to stand out.

Modern garden design concepts and lawn care ideas don’t need to be complicated. When you focus on local plants and natural elements, most of the maintenance work takes care of itself.

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