When the sun takes its final colors away from the sky, the stars don’t always provide enough light to enjoy your yard. If you want to turn it into a lively place for outdoor fun, you’ll need some landscape lighting installed.

Not only does landscape lighting provide additional security and safety for your property, but it also adds some elegance and charm.

You can use landscape lighting to highlight a specific feature, line your walkways, or show off a particular tree or flowering shrub.

Entertaining after dark can be lots of fun! When you know how much landscape lighting costs, it becomes easier to plan for this expense.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Landscape Lighting?

How much does it cost to have landscape lighting installed? The answer to that question depends on numerous variables.

  • Are you using solar lighting, or do you want to have a hardwired system that you can control from the house?
  • Is it better to use glass fixtures for your lights, or can you save some money by using high-quality plastic designs?
  • Does the outdoor lighting have smart technologies equipped to it?

When you need something basic for your property, a landscape lighting system with up to five LED uplights, a photocell, and a transformer will cost approximately $1,500 to install. Since this product can provide cascading illumination on any landscaping element or structure, you can use it to provide numerous effects.

If you start adding more lights to your installation, the price will continue rising. Once you reach about ten installation points with the necessary equipment, you’re looking at a cost between $2,700 to $3,500.

The basic rule for landscape lighting is to expect each additional fixture to cost about $200 above what the installation package requires.

What Could Impact the Cost of Landscape Lighting?

How much does landscape lighting cost when the installer must navigate around several obstacles on your property to accomplish the outcome you want? Each barrier becomes another expense to manage.

That’s because trenching some low-voltage wiring in open spaces is a relatively straightforward task. When the wires need to go underneath sidewalks, decks, or patios, the time and labor costs rise. That means the final project’s expense can get significantly higher.

If you have rocky soil underneath your sod, the trenching process might become more difficult. At that point, you might see a higher labor expense because the work has additional challenges to conquer.

The Added Cost of Entry-Level Lighting Products

Another issue involves the fixture quality you choose to install. If you select the entry-level kits from the local hardware store, those plastic components won’t stand up to the weather well.

That’s why aluminum lighting fixtures are an excellent investment to consider. They last longer and have more durability, but you’ll also pay a higher price for them. It’s your long-term expenses that can drop since you’ll have fewer replacement and maintenance issues to manage.

If you have an older home, you probably need a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet for your low-voltage lighting system. This technology shuts off the electricity if it detects the current flowing along unintended paths. An electrician might charge around $100 per outlet, and it’s another $15 to $50 for the receptacle upgrades.

Long Wire Runs and Outdoor Lighting

If you have a complicated lighting design or an extensive property to manage, a long run of wire will cost more because you need to counter voltage losses.

That means you might need a better wiring gauge, a more substantial transformer, or both to accomplish your landscape lighting goals.

How much does it cost to install landscape lighting in this scenario? Your transformer price alone could go from under $400 to at least $1,500. The wiring cost could also end up doubling.

What the Pros Know About Landscape Lighting

How much does it cost to have landscape lighting installed? When you try to DIY the work, the expenses could rise quickly. That’s because you have more than just labor to consider with this project.

The best installers use high-quality fixtures, wiring, and bulbs. Some of these products even come with lifetime warranties!

When you work with an installation team, they’ll know where to place the lights so that there aren’t any odd shadows to manage. You get expertise that comes from real-world experiences instead of an instruction sheet in the box.

Every property can benefit from landscape lighting improvements. If you invest in your property this year, consider making this project your initial priority!

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