One of the best landscaping features that residential and commercial properties can install is a walkway or path.

When you have walkways and paths available for people to use, the wear and tear on the lawn and other landscape features can get significantly reduced. You can also add a lot of curb appeal to a property with this option because of the different materials that are available today for a walkway or path.

If you’re thinking about installing this landscape feature today, here are some ideas for you to consider creating for the perfect outcome.

What Are the Best Materials for Landscaping Walkways?

The process of building a landscaping walkway or path is relatively straightforward. You can either build on top of the ground with retainers or dig into the area for a secure installation.

Your materials will dictate how much you’ll need to dig or the strength of the retainers you’ll install. That’s why you’ll want to choose wisely from the following materials.

1. Stepping Stones

This option is one of the easiest ways to install a path on your property. Stone walkways for landscaping only need you to lay large, flat stones over the lawn to form a casual path. If you want it to look mature instantly, you can carve out some of the sod to create a level look.

2. Brick

A brick walkway delivers numerous ideas and options for a path to a front door, through a garden, or anywhere else you want it to go on your property. You can stack them vertically, horizontally, or in a complex herringbone pattern with a border. Although you might need to cut some to fit correctly, you’ll have a beautiful design finished in a weekend.

3. Wood

Recycled pallet wood is an excellent choice for a low-cost residential or commercial walkway or path. It delivers a rustic complement to short gaps where decorative elements are appropriate. Since this installation provides gaps between the boards, you can have vines and creeping plants create a cohesive look in no time at all.

4. Gravel

Although gravel is often used for a driveway, it can also become the foundation of your new path or walkway. It’s a popular choice because it looks informal and welcoming while being friendly on the budget. You can choose from multiple colors, sizes, and styles to create an elegant look. If you want something more formal, consider adding large stepping stones on top.

5. Bark Mulch

When you need budget-friendly walkway ideas to consider, colored bark mulch might be the best option available today. You can create an extensive weed-resistant path for under $100 on some properties with this material. In return, you’ll receive a more natural look that you can rake periodically to freshen things up.

If you choose bark mulch for your path or walkway, try to find a product that uses larger chunks. The material will decompose more slowly, even compared to shredded hardwood and cypress.

6. Pavers

You can dress up any property quickly and affordably by installing pavers. Although it is one of the most expensive choices you’ll find today, it also tends to be more durable than other materials. You’ll also save time on upkeep and maintenance once they’re installed. Some look like bricks, others replicate a stone pathway, or you can even use multiple decorative tile-style products.

How do you choose the right paver color for your property? Most pavers use color for function more than fashion. Darker hues retain more heat, which could get uncomfortable if you walk the new path with bare feet.

7. Bluestone

When you want to fuse the traditional look of a garden path or walkway with modern design elements, this material is a fantastic choice. You can select from numerous color and pattern choices, including options that aren’t blue. It often comes in squares that you can float into place or use mortar for a more permanent solution, but you might only have access to irregular shapes in your community. It’s usually about 1.5 inches thick or less, so it might not work for every property.

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