If you love the holiday season, the decorations likely spill from the inside to the outside of your home. Those twinkling lights that outline the roof can be a joyous sight, along with those reindeer and lighted inflatable figures.

When you have mini landscape lights installed at your property, you can incorporate them into your design.

That way, when the chilly December weather comes blowing in, you have something warm and cozy to pull up to when returning home.

Here are some easy ideas to implement that fuse your outdoor Christmas decorations with mini landscape lights.

Easy Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

1. Point the landscape lighting at your inflatables.

Many houses are turning to inflatables as an easy way to promote the holiday spirit. You can find everything from snowmen to Disney characters at stores today.

Some of these figures use internal lighting to create a visual statement at night. When you place them where your mini landscape lights shine, you’ll create an illuminated effect that speaks of the holiday spirit.

2. Line your walkways and front entry.

If you don’t want to staple Christmas lights along your entire fascia or hook them to the gutters, you can turn to mini landscape lights as an alternative. By creating colorful options along your front path and entry, you can use more natural elements to decorate.

Imagine having a small pine tree outside with a few decorations, illuminated by the landscape lighting to create colorful reflections. You could also hang signs, create Christmas planters, or incorporate your favorite elements from the holiday your family celebrates.

3. Change the bulbs of your landscape lighting.

Some landscape lighting options allow you to swap in different bulbs. When the holidays come to visit, you can switch them out for red and green colors to celebrate Christmas.

If you celebrate a different holiday, you can change the landscape light color to whatever is appropriate for your occasion.

The fun doesn’t need to wait until December with this idea! You could use orange lights for a fun Halloween look. In the spring, you could try pastel colors to liven up the mood.

You can even invest in LED color-changing landscape lights to deliver a fresh look each week.

How to Decorate Your House for Christmas Outside Lights

Although it is fun to be spontaneous, decorating a house with Christmas lights is not one of those times you can proceed without a plan.

You’ll need to think about receptacle placement, your home’s measurements, and even the weather when purchasing outside lights to decorate for Christmas.

It often helps to get a wide-angle view of your home. What elements could you enhance by adding Christmas lights?

Once you’ve made some choices, you’ll be ready to look at the different options. You could hang icicle lights, use walkway trees, or even install rope light walkways to enhance the way your property looks.

If you want to hang Christmas lights from your home, you’ll want to follow these tips to have a successful experience.

  • Make sure the lights you’ve selected are rated for outdoor use.
  • Purchase clips that fit your installation application. Universal options work better for the roofline, while railings and columns typically need an adhesive product.
  • Pay attention to the strand connection limits. If your line is too long, you could be creating a fire hazard.

Before hanging Christmas lights or using mini landscaping lights, test them to see if they work. If any bulbs need replacement, it’s easier to do that on the ground than on a ladder.

Plug the first strand into an extension cord to double-check you have enough distance. Once you’ve verified the measurements, you can start attaching lights to clips.

Keep repeating until you’ve finished the work.

More Simple Outside Christmas Decorations 

Christmas decorations don’t need to be complicated. The simple options are sometimes the best!

If you have a large front door, hanging a wreath can be an elegant touch for the holidays. You can also place them on porch posts or have them around outdoor lights.

It can be fun to run an evergreen garland along deck and patio rails. This decoration is quite versatile, allowing you to hang ornaments or use lights for a fun display.

Enclosed patios allow you to hang items from the ceiling or roof cover. A fun option here might be to have large snowflakes that float in the breeze.

Christmas doesn’t need to feel like a lot of work! When you have these outdoor decoration ideas to implement, you can feel festive and create a design that the entire neighborhood will love.

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