One of the best spots on your property is your backyard. Whether it is big or small doesn’t matter because you can structure that area to maximize the available space.

Small backyard landscaping ideas often include vertical plant growth, container gardening, and relaxation areas. If you have more room with which to work, you can plant formal gardens, have a lush lawn, or build virtually anything you want for this personal oasis.

If you’re looking for some backyard landscaping ideas on a budget, here are some ways to create luxury without draining your savings account.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas Almost Anyone Can Afford

The fastest way to start saving some money on your backyard landscaping is to look for mulch alternatives. Since you’re looking for something practical instead of worrying about curb appeal, you can use several natural items.

What are the best mulching alternatives for your backyard beds and garden areas?

  • Grass clippings from mowing your lawn.
  • Shredded leaves that fall from the trees and shrubs throughout the year.
  • Pine needles or other evergreen sheddings.
  • Compost from your bin.
  • About five layers of soaked newspaper covered with some topsoil.

Some plants also like having a stone mulch. This option can cut down on your weeding responsibilities and keep maintenance costs lower.

Once you’ve addressed those issues, here are some more ways to enhance your backyard landscaping.

1. Use recycled tires to create different landscaped areas.

Most waste haulers won’t accept old tires, especially if they’re larger than those on the standard passenger vehicle. Since they’re challenging to dispose of, you can grab some to create some cheap raised beds. You can cut them up to become hanging planters, attach them to walls or fences, and even develop small ponds for your backyard.

2. Create a growing vertical wall.

If you don’t want to create a vertical garden, use your walls and fences to produce flowers and greener instead. One of the best ways to add more space to your property is to waterproof a shoe organizer that can hang on a wall. It only takes a few pot hangers and wood screws to create more usable space.

When your backyard is quite limited, a vertical ladder with some terracotta pots can let you enjoy a touch of green when you’re outside.

3. Have helpful plants in your backyard.

When the budget is tight, it makes sense to turn your backyard into a cost-saving machine. If you grow herbs and vegetables right outside of your kitchen, you’ll keep the grocery store expenses lower.

That means you’ll get a beautiful space that delivers functionality while potentially saving you money.

4. Use a perennial ground cover.

If you’re tired of weeding the lawn, start using a perennial ground cover to manage the spaces you don’t want to touch. Not only are chemical weed killers costly, but they can also be hazardous to your health and that of kids and pets. Since they cost upwards of $20 per container for some brands, it’ll be a hard hit on your savings account.

Some of the best natural perennial ground cover selects are also some of the cheapest. You can get violets and pansies for less than $1 if you buy seed packets. Another great choice is called walk-on-me thyme when you need something durable.

5. Create an outdoor fire pit.

Before you start this project, you’ll want to ensure that a fire pit is permitted in your city code. Some rules might apply for it, such as not having branches at least 15 feet above the burning area. When you’re on a budget, you can get the retaining wall blocks, cinder block caps, and other materials relatively cheaply at most retail stores.

Your local landscaping professionals might also provide this service at an affordable rate. It doesn’t hurt to get a quote to see the price differences between a DIY project and have a pro finish the job for you.

6. Plant a tree.

Planting a tree is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to start a backyard landscaping project. Before you dig the hole to plant the root ball, you’ll want to have your underground pipes and lines scouted out to avoid a costly problem. When you know where to dig, you can add almost any zone-compatible species to your property.

When your backyard meets your needs, it can be a fun place for everyone to gather throughout the year. With these ideas, it can become your oasis!

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